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Education a key factor

Research proves - according to the Danish Teknologisk Institut - that effective education is a key factor, if a new (IT-)system is to prove its value to the company

nielsen-friis IT holds a wide range of competencies within areas such as business processes, IT and learning, as well as a profound hands-on knowledge about ERP-systems as Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS)

  • Axapta,
  • XAL
  • C5.

Ready for booking - brand new class:

What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

The purpose of this course is to introduce new features so that participants can learn about the main differences in the software since the last version. This course does not cover functionality that has not changed since the previous versions of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009. It assumes course participants have baseline knowledge of the previous version.

The intended audience is experienced systems consultants and systems developers typically working for a Microsoft Dynamics partner.

Instructor lead training with hands-on labs, based on Microsofts official What's new manuals plus extra material for added practical examples and case studies.

2-3 days Application Training
2-3 days Technical Training

Instructors on this training will be highly experienced AX certified Masters/consultants and certified trainers (MCT)

For enquiries on possible delivery dates, please contact us by mail or phone +45 60 60 80 04.

Sorry! In Danish only. Økonomistyrelsen om IT-projekter

"Et IT-projekt bygger ideelt set på en veldefineret IT-strategi, og det kræver stillingtagen til en lang række spørgsmål.

Hvorfor skal systemet anskaf-fes? Skal systemet understøtte arbejdsopgaver, som også i fremtiden tilhører jeres … forretningsområde? Hvordan skal dette system hænge sammen med jeres eksisterende systemer?"

Økonomistyrelsen: Udbud og indkøb af IT-systemer. Kbh. 2002

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Return on your IT-investments - afterwards

Many companies would sit around, trying to comprehend the return on their recent IT-investments - quite often in vain.

When the damage is done - perhaps because the business strategy behind the IT-projects wasn't made clear - a lot of issues have to be carefully addressed.

One of the ways could be to show business successes quickly (QuickWins), thus motivating and maturing the organisation for implementing the remainder of the rescue-plan/re-implementation: "GEE - yes, that could do the job!".

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